Our Top Jumpsuits for Summer Holidays

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Want to try a new look for your summer holiday? Adding a jumpsuit to your clothing collection could be your best style move. A practical alternative to a midi or maxi dress, jumpsuits feature a versatile one-piece design that makes them wonderfully easy to wear. They can be worn in many ways, so you can look different daily without buying extra coordinating garments. 

Jumpsuits are typically crafted from lightweight, loose-fitting fabrics, making them reliable holiday staples suitable for various locations. Whether planning an adventure abroad or a staycation at home, you can experiment with outerwear, shoes and accessories to create smart and casual looks for any occasion.

Finding a flattering option to suit your taste can be difficult if you’ve never worn a jumpsuit or are unsure about the different designs available. There’s a style to suit everyone, so you can embrace the trend by wearing one on your next holiday. Our guide to the top jumpsuits for summer holidays will help you discover some of our favourite styles so that you can try them out for yourself.


  1. How to wear a jumpsuit in summer

1.1. Boilersuits

1.2. Dungarees

1.3. Wrap jumpsuits

1.4. Button jumpsuits

  1. What occasion can I wear a jumpsuit?
  2. Can a guest wear a jumpsuit to a wedding?
  3. Holiday jumpsuits at Yumi

How to wear a jumpsuit in summer

There are many ways to wear a jumpsuit in the summer, but this usually depends on your chosen type. We’ve listed four popular jumpsuit styles below, with advice on how to style them for an on-trend summer aesthetic.

  1. Boilersuits

Boilersuits embrace the classic designs of traditional jumpsuits while incorporating edgy details for a modern touch. They usually feature a slim-fitting structure with a functional zip fastening, smart collar and a thick waist belt, creating a gorgeous hourglass silhouette. While they are available in heavy-duty fabrics such as denim, we recommend a breathable cotton or linen style to stay cool in the sun.

The striking designs of boilersuits make them an excellent choice for day and evening wear, as they can be paired with various accessories. For a day of exploring, pair your jumpsuit with a supportive pair of trainers and a versatile backpack or crossbody bag for a laid-back vibe that ensures you stay comfortable throughout the day. You can also create an evening look by opting for a sophisticated pair of stiletto heels, delicate jewellery and an elegant clutch bag for instant glam.

Image of a model wearing a black boilersuit

Yumi Black Zip Jumpsuit with Belt

  1. Dungarees

Dungaree jumpsuits are ideal for those who prefer a more casual look, as their design is less structured and more relaxed. They feature functional adjustable straps and a loose-fitting body and legs for maximum comfort. While they are available in various fabrics for every season, lightweight linen or cotton designs are the most suitable for warm weather. 

One of the best features of dungaree jumpsuits is that you can layer any top underneath them to create your desired look. Whether you choose a minimal tank top for a daytime look or a long-sleeved top for those chilly summer evenings, your dungaree jumpsuit will tie your look together and make you feel comfortable and confident all day. Add comfortable trainers or flat sandals to create a look you love.

Image of a model wearing a navy dungaree jumpsuit

Yumi Navy Linen Dungarees

  1. Wrap jumpsuits

If you’re looking for a more glamorous piece to help you dress to impress on formal occasions, a wrap jumpsuit will become your go-to. From a trip to a restaurant to a night on the town, they are ideal for the parts of your holiday you want to dress up for. They feature a versatile adjustable waist and a flattering plunging neckline, with various leg widths and lengths available to enhance your figure. 

Whether you choose a plain or patterned design, a wrap jumpsuit is guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication to your look. Wear yours with a pair of high heels to elevate your silhouette and a bright clutch bag to add a pop of colour. If you prefer an outfit you can take from day to night, your chosen jumpsuit will look perfect with a dainty pair of flat sandals.

Image of a model wearing an orange wrap jumpsuit

Yumi Orange Spot Print Retro Culotte Jumpsuit

  1. Button jumpsuits

Button-down jumpsuits offer a cute aesthetic ideal for daytime wear, and their distinctive button detailing adds a quirky touch to any holiday look. These summer staples are available in lightweight strappy styles ideal for a day in the sun and short sleeve designs that can be worn for various occasions. 

From striking wide-leg designs to short culotte styles, there’s a button jumpsuit for everyone. Whether going for a walk on the beach or a shopping trip, cotton and linen button jumpsuits are a must for your summer holiday. Wear yours with casual white trainers or flip-flops for the ultimate coordinated look.

Image of a model wearing a mint green button jumpsuit

Yumi Green Button Jumpsuit

What occasion can I wear a jumpsuit?

There are many different types of jumpsuits on the market, so there’s an option for every occasion. You might be planning to attend a party or event on your holiday, so it’s important to choose the right jumpsuit style to adhere to the dress code. 

Full-length designs help to create a more sophisticated look, especially when worn with heels or wedges. Luxurious fabrics such as satin and silk add a touch of glamour ideal for a stunning evening outfit suitable for formal occasions. 

If you are invited to a more relaxed event, opt for a jumpsuit that you can wear from day to night. Boilersuits and wrap jumpsuits are ideal for this, as they offer a versatile aesthetic that can be worn with various footwear pieces, so it’s easy to swap your flats for heels whenever you need to.

Can a guest wear a jumpsuit to a wedding?

Choosing the right outfit as a wedding guest can be a challenge, especially if you’re away from home. While many jumpsuit styles offer the cool, casual aesthetic typically associated with daywear, plenty of other designs will fit a wedding dress code. 

Full-length palazzo jumpsuits are exceptionally glamorous. Wearing one in an on-trend block colour will help you fit right in with the other guests. High-neck and halter neck pieces will provide a flattering neckline while also helping to keep you cool if you’re in a hot country. 

If you’re unsure which colour or pattern to choose, why not try a black jumpsuit? Their classic look is appropriate for weddings and other special occasions, making it a staple in your clothing collection.

Holiday jumpsuits at Yumi

We adore a women’s jumpsuit’s versatility and timeless style, especially for a summer holiday. While they add a smart element to your wardrobe, they are amazingly easy to dress up and down, depending on the occasion. Try our styling tips and incorporate a jumpsuit into your holiday wardrobe today. 

Our extensive collection of women’s jumpsuits has plenty of options, from understated white and black jumpsuits to bold patterns and brightly coloured fabrics. Discover our gorgeous range today to get holiday ready.


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