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Recycled Clothing

We are passionate about embracing fashion from all parts of the world, bringing elements of different cultures together and celebrating them in our unique clothing collections. Our journey within the fashion industry has taken us all around the earth, making us fall even more in love with the world that we live in.

There has been an increasing focus on practising sustainability to help look after our planet and allow it to flourish, in recent years. At Yumi, we actively search for new ways to become more eco-friendly when it comes to producing, packaging and transporting our clothing so that we can be kinder to our environment. Read on to find out about recycled fashion and how we’re working towards reducing our carbon footprint for good.

What is recycled fashion?

One of the main ways that the fashion industry can become more sustainable is by producing more recycled clothing, and there are two different methods of achieving this. The first is pre-consumer, where left-over fabric cuttings from production are used to make new items. The second is post-consumer, which reuses pre-loved garments and transforms them into a new piece of clothing to be sold.

Our recycled collection uses the pre-consumer method, which allows us to create sustainably soft fabrics from recycled plastic. These fabrics are then used to make the stylish Yumi designs that our customers love, such as recycled dresses, jumpsuits, tops, skirts and more. Embracing recycled fashion has helped us reduce our waste and use materials that would otherwise be disposed of. As a company, we are immensely proud of taking our first step towards becoming a greener clothing brand.

Our future in recycled fashion

The vast size of the fast-fashion industry means that millions of clothing pieces are bought by fashion lovers every year. While many of these items are kept for years by their owners and worn multiple times, an even larger percentage of them are thrown away and typically end up in a landfill. This disposable attitude towards materials has caused a great deal of damage to our environment and isn’t sustainable anymore.

We are committed to helping the world to break out of this never-ending cycle by giving unused materials a second life to make our gorgeous clothing. Our first recycled collection is just the beginning of a whole new ethos for us, as we’ll continue to use recycled materials in our future collections wherever we can.

Discover our recycled collection

We’re proud to introduce our very first collection of recycled clothing, which offers a premium selection of stunning dresses, jumpsuits, tops and skirts for every occasion. Each piece is made from 100% recycled materials, which allows us to minimise our waste without ever compromising on quality.

You can find an array of unique prints in our new range, from pretty florals to quirky cheetah designs, so there will always be a new style for you to try. Why not do your bit to help the environment and explore our recycled collection today?