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Which 70s Style Are You?

A decade of casual cuts, bell bottom trousers and heaps of slogan t-shirts, the 70s had some highs and lows in the world of style. But, despite many fashion faux-pars (no, we haven’t forgotten about the knitted ponchos) there’s a piece of the 1970s that will always remain in our hearts and – for some – wardrobes. And since we’re hitting the rewind button, it’s time find out which styles have stuck. Pick between our favourite looks from our new drop and find out which piece suits your 70s persona.... Read More

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How To Make A Rainbow Cake For Pride

Celebrating fifty years since the start of the LGBTQ+ freedom movement, Pride Month is well underway, ending on Sunday the 7th of July. So far this month, we’ve seen sixty marches across the globe, with millions of supporters and countless rainbows. And since this month is a biggy in the history of Pride, there’s really no excuse not to celebrate… So, this year, why not try something new? For those who support the cause and have an addiction to sweet treats, then baking is the way forward. Fortunately, such things... Read More

Floral Jumpsuit 21/06/2019
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How To Celebrate World Yoga Day

The benefits of yoga have been known for thousands of years – it improves your agility, boosts your healthy mindset and helps you sleep, to mention just a few. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s a day dedicated to practicing it. And, what better way to celebrate such an important occasion than by joining in? World Yoga Day was created in 2015 in India to spread positivity, so why not step out of your comfort zone, grab your exercise mat and start stretching? No matter whether you’re... Read More

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Wear It Like A Florist

Grab your spades – the Chelsea Flower Show is back for another year of show-stopping, cuting-edge designs and of course…lots and lots of flowers! The return of one of our highly anticipated events also brings with it the desire to rediscover nature and get green-fingered! But, it’s not simply the urban environment or the exciting floral arrangements that are growing our inspiration this year. In fact, it’s the hard-working horticulturists working behind the scenes who got us thinking about other driven gardeners… Do you remember last month, when we showed... Read More

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3 Days In Cadaqués

If you’ve been following the progress of our latest Cadaqués collection, you’ll be familiar with our love of the Spanish seaside town that inspired our second spring/summer range. It’s rich culture, beautiful coastline and vibrant artistic scene has captured our hearts and took a sought-after spot in our designs! And since this wonderful coastal town has a lot to offer, we’d like to show you what you can do when you visit and what to wear! Our day by day plan will allow you to immerse yourself in Spanish culture,... Read More

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Wear It Like Your Hero

When you hear the word superhero, you might think of capes, masks and hidden powers! However, this National Superhero Day, we’re moving away from fiction and comic books and diving into the real world… Here at Yumi, we’re advocates of appreciating real women, their stories and how they choose to express themselves. After all, standing out from the crowd is the way forward! So, on the 28th of April, we’re celebrating the unsung saints…who don’t necessarily wear capes. As part of our campaign, we’ve selected four women who make a... Read More

Mum and Me 28/03/2019
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Mum & Me: 5 Wedding Guest Outfits

Finally, wedding season is here! Spring, they say, is the most wonderful time of year to tie the knot. The sun is (usually) shining, the flowers become brighter and it’s the beginning of outdoor ceremonies – perhaps this is why the Royals favour it so much! And although it’s a beautiful occasion to be a part of, planning an outfit can be a down-right nuisance. Enter Yumi HQ… In a bid to avoid wardrobe worries, we’ve teamed together a few of our favourite looks from our wedding collection. So, no... Read More

Old town Cadaques 21/03/2019
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Cadaqués: Our New Inspiration

Earlier this year we showed you our inspiration for the first in-house designed collection of the season: San Sebastián. We loved the vibrant atmosphere, coastal setting and unspoilt scenery that this Basque paradise gave us – so much so, we put it in our prints. But, for our second range, we have a new Spanish muse. It’s time to say adiós to the north coast of Spain and head for the Catalonian seaside. Surrounded by a national park, the small town of Cadaqués is well-known for its glorious beaches, white-washed... Read More

Shirt Dress Scarf 07/03/2019
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International Women’s Day: The Yumi Team

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re taking time to celebrate the empowering women behind our beloved Yumi. Over the years we’ve expressed our passion for vibrant colours and quirky designs, but have you ever wondered who created them? With this in mind, and on the day of appreciating female talent, we think it’s only fair to show you the people behind the prints. So, sit back, relax and get ready to be inspired by the ladies who’ve made Yumi the fun-loving, free-spirited and fiercely feminine brand it is today! Clare... Read More

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Mum & Me: On Vacation

If the warm weather has you dreaming of an exotic getaway with your little one, then it’s time to start shopping for your next holiday. This season it’s all about getting ready for the summery months, so what are you waiting for? Let’s start packing! At Yumi HQ, we’re big advocates of quirky coordination – that’s why we have our Mum & Me collection. After all, there’s nothing like having a stylish sidekick to show off, too! And with Spring fast approaching, our Yumi stylists have chosen a few of... Read More