recycled 25/02/2021
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Introducing! Yumi’s second recycled collection… 

Introducing! Yumi’s second recycled collection…  Minute by minute, the days are getting longer. As snowdrops fight their way through cold, tough ground, the advent of Spring brings hope.  So, with our second exclusive recycled collection, we want to show the world that here at Yumi, we are feeling positive – despite *gestures wildly* – everything going on right now.  Most importantly, we want to spread that positivity in the way we know best – with a bright, bold new collection – by celebrating prints that put smiles on our faces and by using fabrics which help the planet, too. Inspo: Our latest offering is a celebration of cheer in its most carefree form. An ode to that relaxed, joyful feeling of weightlessness that comes from being present in a joyous moment. In part, the collection is inspired by our beloved Regent’s Park – spotting giraffes on a nervy first date; ferociously licking ice cream as it... Read More

face covering 24/11/2020
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Our Sustainable Face Covering Charity Update

Over the past six months, the philanthropists at Yumi have been working hard to raise money for our chosen charity — Sufra. In light of this year’s unfortunate events, we decided to put on our positive hats and make 2020 unforgettable for the all the right reasons. And there was only one way we could think of to make a difference — by giving back. Our face coverings As the world began to change and face coverings became necessary, our designers set out to create a product for charity that... Read More

recycled 22/09/2020

The New Recycled Collection

Sustainably sourced, same Yumi style As the world starts to rapidly change and doing your bit for the planet becomes all the more important, the team at Yumi thought it was time to reconsider our global vision. We’re always looking to evolve and improve, which includes making better choices for our customers, employees and the environment. And this season is no different. To continue our commitment to sustainability, our in-house designers have created our most eco-friendly collection yet. Each piece is sourced from recycled plastics, which aids in reducing waste... Read More

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5 Fierce Animal Prints To Brighten Your Wardrobe

It’s over two months until the clocks spring forward, which means that we’re in the midst of – what feels like – eternal darkness. It happens every year and it never gets easier to adjust. And to make matters worse, it’s January; infamously worst month of the year for mood, money and making your way outside. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom when it comes to what you wear. While January has very little to offer where most things are concerned, there’s plenty of opportunity to... Read More

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Your Easy Guide To A Stress Free Christmas

It’s the most wonderful busy time of year. And while the first thing on the agenda may be to fill all the stockings, it’s also a time to reflect on the year and take some time for yourself – *cue the harp*. Entertaining family and guzzling roast dinner after roast dinner can take its toll on the body and mind, so we’ve pieced together a step-by-step for the holidays. We asked Yumi HQ how they like to wind down and de-stress and have jotted down a few useful ideas. So,... Read More

Cosy blog 16/10/2019
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10 Ways To Keep Cosy This Winter

We’re well into autumn, with winter knocking on the door, which begs the question: where has this year gone? And since the temperatures have begun to drop drastically, there’s no time like the present to start practicing the best ways to keep cosy. So, if you’re wondering how to navigate though the blistering winds and torrential rain, we’ve got all the answers you’ll need – inside and outside the home. Psst! This is your official nine week  countdown, don’t waste any time and keep scrolling… 1. Dress for the weather... Read More

Berlin France 10/10/2019
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5 Holiday Destinations For Winter

You may not have heard the news – if not, where have you been? – the summer holidays are long gone. But that doesn’t mean playtime is over – if anything, the fun has just begun… As one of our favourite times of year, winter has much to offer when it comes to jet setting and exploring new sights:  it’s convenient, (usually) cheaper and above all, it’s extremely festive. And if you don’t want to fork out a small fortune, staying relatively local is what’s best. So, to help plan... Read More

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Meet The Teachers

It’s a busy time of year; the kids are back at school and it’s already the lead up to half term – can you believe it? But this time around, it’s not just the children we’ve been thinking about – it’s their teachers as well… Often underappreciated and undeniably dedicated, teachers make a significant difference to the world. Many work extremely hard, labouring through the long hours with only multiple cups of tea as their aid and all without a ‘thank you’. But that comes to a stop now. As... Read More

Bank holiday 23/08/2019

How To Do Bank Holiday On A Budget

In need of an entertaining bank holiday without splashing the cash? We know the feeling. With pay day a marathon of a week away and this being the final bank holiday before Christmas, you’d be forgiven for saving the pennies, whilst simultaneously fighting your inner thrill-seeker. But it doesn’t have to be all bells and whistles when it comes to having fun; there are simple ways to save and celebrate that extra lie-in. We’ve come up with a few ideas – most of them are free or super cheap. Al... Read More

Amalfi Coast 09/08/2019
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Travel Trend: The Amalfi Coast

A haven of Mediterranean culture: the Amalfi Coast is the European hotspot that simply must be explored at least once. Found in the mountainous Campania region, this vast unspoilt coastline is surrounded by sparkling blue waters, house-covered cliffs and busy beaches. Multi-millionaires flock in their masses every summer for a taste of the affluent lifestyle – and rightly so. But, if you’re looking for a low-key and cheaper route around the Southern Italian shore, we’ve whittled down the need-to-know places to stay, unmissable restaurants and – of course – the... Read More