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Yumi Style Edit: summer holiday dresses

We’re all going on a, summer holiday… While this year again might be different to most, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the imminent return of duty free, overweight hand luggage, obligatory airport selfies and last minute passport panics. But even if holidays are closer to home this year, (all hail the Staycation) there’s no reason not to dress for the occasion. And because there’s nothing quite like a cute summer dress to get you in holiday mode, we’ve lined up a few of our favourites. Glide into those summertime... Read More


Yumi style edit: What to wear from May 17th

17th May! It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. Pubs and restaurants have already reopened, but as most of us have experienced over the last few weeks, the typically British weather doesn’t always play ball. Hands up if you’ve been shivering in a coat on a terrace – or if you have decided to give the whole, often sodden affair a wide birth. We have full respect for both camps. On May 17th, other remnants of pre-Covid life are set to properly return: finally we will be back inside of... Read More


Yumi Style Edit: Out and About

As life eases back to normality, we at Yumi could not be more delighted to be out and about once again. Catching up with friends (so long and good riddance Zoom quizzes), cheeky bevs at the pub, and relaxed weekends away are finally here. After being inside for so long, for us it is key to be stepping out in style. In fact, we’ve been so excited about outfit planning that we got a bit ahead of ourselves, and put together some of our favourite looks for this instalment of... Read More

recycled 25/02/2021
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Introducing! Yumi’s second recycled collection… 

Introducing! Yumi’s second recycled collection…  Minute by minute, the days are getting longer. As snowdrops fight their way through cold, tough ground, the advent of Spring brings hope.  So, with our second exclusive recycled collection, we want to show the world that here at Yumi, we are feeling positive – despite *gestures wildly* – everything going on right now.  Most importantly, we want to spread that positivity in the way we know best – with a bright, bold new collection – by celebrating prints that put smiles on our faces and by using fabrics which help the planet, too. Inspo: Our latest offering is a celebration of cheer in its most carefree form. An ode to that relaxed, joyful feeling of weightlessness that comes from being present in a joyous moment. In part, the collection is inspired by our beloved Regent’s Park – spotting giraffes on a nervy first date; ferociously licking ice cream as it... Read More

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Top 10 Pieces For February

February, as the shortest month of the year, can often be overlooked when it comes to updating your wardrobe. But, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching and Fashion Week not far behind, there’s plenty of reasons to awaken your springtime wardrobe.  By February, we’re usually ready to shred those layers we gained over the winter. Long gone are the days are thick knitwear, oversized scarves and heavy knit dresses. Although they served us well, it’s time to pave the way to brighter horizons. This month look to tea dresses, pastel tones, and animal print to make the... Read More

face covering 24/11/2020
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Our Sustainable Face Covering Charity Update

Over the past six months, the philanthropists at Yumi have been working hard to raise money for our chosen charity — Sufra. In light of this year’s unfortunate events, we decided to put on our positive hats and make 2020 unforgettable for the all the right reasons. And there was only one way we could think of to make a difference — by giving back. Our face coverings As the world began to change and face coverings became necessary, our designers set out to create a product for charity that... Read More

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The 5 Outfits You Can Dress Up Or Down

Cancelled plans and unworn outfits have left us feeling a little out of touch with our wardrobes this year. With no dress code and the safety of elasticated waistbands for three months, it’s no wonder we’re reluctant to return to our pre-lockdown selves. But as time draws on and the lipstick we once overused for our Zoom calls starts to fade, it’s time to re-establish the new normal – for our wardrobes at least. It may be a while ‘til we’re dancing at weddings and sipping sickly cocktails at birthday... Read More

face covering 18/06/2020

How To Make Your Own Face Mask

Since it’s now compulsory to wear a face covering on public transport, face masks are in high demand. And while it may be a task finding a mask online, it only takes minutes to master that art of making one. So, if you still have an itching to get creative during lockdown or you fancy saving the pennies, DIY may be the perfect solution. But wait, there’s even more good news – learning to make a face mask isn’t difficult. You don’t have to be an accomplished sewer to get... Read More

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Yumi Style Edit: What We’re Wearing In June

Parting with your winter wardrobe usually feels like a blissful celebration. However, given our celebrations are more low-key than ever this year (and confined by a limited guest list), you’d be forgiven for feeling a little underwhelmed by the arrival of June. Not to mention the hesitant risk you take when buying an outfit that may never see past the front door, let alone a suitcase. But since we’re happily breaking up with the joggers-and-t-shirt motif we sordidly overused in stricter times, there’s an empty space in our wardrobe for... Read More

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Grasse: Our New Inspiration 

The changing of the weather and the transition into official springtime means it’s time for one thing – the launch of our new collection. And since we’re sticklers for spin-offs, we’re keep with the French theme, saying au revoir to Paris (in our very best French accent), and heading south. And there’s only one destination on our mind: the quaint town of Grasse.  Found in the French Riviera – not too far from Nice or Cannes – this idyllic town is slightly sloped due to its proximity to the Alps and shows off a rustic landscape surrounded by stone houses. But you... Read More