Sashay in Sustainable Style

With the current state of crisis where clothes are being dumped in landfills, we should be treasuring your grandmother’s fluffy trim robe from the 40’s. We here are Yumi are proud to say we are one of the few sustainable fashion brands. We have our own dedicated “Recycled” section on the website giving recycled fabrics a new lease of life and you gain an affordable sustainable clothing to enjoy available in sizes 8-26 – what are you waiting for ? Invest in affordable sustainable clothing.  Yumi’s co-owner, Clare, is proud to showcase this sustainable line: 

“It’s so important to do our bit for the planet. We’re committed to the cause and want to shape a more sustainable future for Yumi.”

Vintage Vibes

Embrace your boho side for barefoot fun in the park, music festival or even garden. The Yumi vintage meadow floral chiffon midi wrap prides itself in being made from 100% fully recycled material and showing off a modern cut. Sustainable dresses do not have to be bland. This dress not only boasts a flattering wrap round style to suit any shape and size, we are loving the wrap dress and have many more in stock as showcased in our “Welcome to High Summer” blog. It has a cheeky ruffled slit to give a young feel to a simple design. The v neck gives room for a statement necklace or choker to match the black tassel tie at the waist. Even though this is a 3/4 sleeve dress, the material is light and flowy making it practical for this British humid weather. Green is most certainly a bold colour to be strutting this summer. We have the recycled green print shirt dress. Oozing smart vibes with the button up detail and high neck, perfect for some chunky black coloured beads, long winged eyeliner and paired with some cowboy boots to execute the summery of rock chick looks. 

Spot the difference?

Any one born in the 80’s will absolutely love the detail in the recycled blue heart spot midi shirt dress, if you look closer you will see some of the dots are shaped to resemble hearts. Never has 80’s prints been in so much demand with the revival of kitsch prints since being showcased in Stranger Things. The style of this dress is a perfect for the office, and if the dress is teamed with some neon bangles and big earrings you have a great outfit to hit the streets of Shoreditch or a game of 9-pin bowling. Add some stilettos to turn work vibes to date night adding a patent clutch and chunky rings. The recycled range also includes blouses to wear with your favourite Mum jeans, mix and match your outfit to create your own authentic vintage style. Co founder of Yumi, Clare, goes on to say regarding the recycled range: 

“We created a collection entirely created of plastic”. 

This is a humbling thought that the items we have been diligently recycling have come back in the form of sustainable fashion.

Familiar Feels

Sometimes the smallest thing can trigger the most beautiful of memories. Like tiles in your kitchen from when you were a child. The recycled range includes recycled fabrics fashioned on retro patterns. Such as recycled bird print shirt dress, looking at it up close brings back the psycadelic motif’s some the 60’s: shading and the design. Be mesmerised by the never ending branches with birds to keep you smiling this season. This dress offers the Grandad collar to add chunky neck pieces, scarves and short sleeves to give off that semi pinup feel. Also the perfect length for ankle boots – don’t forget to add your pleather jacket! As an alternative, we also have this print in a wrap midi dress. This style is so versatile and flattering. It looks great for: maternity wear, larger bust, layering, over bikini wear and suitable for any age.

Peacock at every party

Have you ever found the perfect print, however, the style doesn’t quite suit your taste? Yumi aims to cover all your bases. Our affordable sustainable clothing range has options of the same print on different styles. The recycled navy bird print shirt dress is a sophisticated outfit adorned with a deep navy colour and cute yellow birds and flowers scattered on it. This is a cute pattern with room to add personality with accessories or let the dress do the talking at a PTA meeting. The matching yellow buttons really complete this dress. If this is too formal for you and you need room to lounge, stretch, hit the swings at the park with your family then why not try the recycled navy bird print skater dress. Giving a completely different spin to the same print. This version includes zip up back still giving this dress great structure and room for movement including a flattering waist-tie belt and short sleeves. Since it’s a shorter skirt, it would look great styled with a denim jacket and white trainers. Time to fish out those sheltoe’s you have in the closet. Mix and match your own treasures, our sustainable women clothing range is easily interchangeable new trends. 

Bonified Favourite Number

Everyone has their favourite pet, or outfit! Why not have them all in one ? Find the outfit to suit all your needs, screaming “If I wasn’t out, I’d be playing with my dogs”.  The navy dog print shirt dress not only is fashionable with the Grandad collar and classic shirt cut, you can use the original waist tie or throw in your own with some bold colour or detail to enjoy the fun dog print. Featuring breeds such as the Bloodhound, West Highland Terrier, Beagle and more! Don’t forget the style is also available in green

Sustainable fashion does exist and Yumi has shown you can recycle the old and give it a fresh modern twist for all ages, and body types to adorn, every dress in this range is also available in sizes 8-26.
Lastly, we have a word from Clare: “It is so important to do our bit for the planet. We’re committed to the cause and want to shape a more sustainable future for Yumi.”

Article written by Aisha Ahmed

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