November 2021


Yumi’s Ultimate Scarf Style Guide

While trends might come and go, the timeless aesthetic of a scarf has remained a constant fashion staple throughout the years, giving countless women the means to define their own individual style. When it comes to putting an outfit together, there’s nothing that provides a more interesting and quirky finishing touch than a beautifully made scarf, and here at Yumi, we have a huge range of gorgeous designs to choose from.   Whether you opt for an understated, neutral design to elevate a minimal outfit or prefer to go for a... Read More


The Yumi tunic dress: 8 flattering styles for every occasion.

Ahhh, the tunic dress. The wardrobe staple we simply can’t get enough of. Keep it casual or dress to make an entrance: either way, we’re certain we at Yumi have a tunic for any occasion.  Why we simply love a tunic dress With long sleeves and a loose fit, the tunic dress ticks every box: comfort, style and breathability.  Fashion for us is about individuality and confidence – we want to help everyone woman love the skin they’re in. And whatever your shape or size, whether you need a confidence... Read More