Introducing! Yumi’s second recycled collection… 

Introducing! Yumi’s second recycled collection… 

Minute by minute, the days are getting longer. As snowdrops fight their way through cold, tough ground, the advent of Spring brings hope

So, with our second exclusive recycled collection, we want to show the world that here at Yumi, we are feeling positive – despite *gestures wildly* – everything going on right now. 

Most importantly, we want to spread that positivity in the way we know best – with a bright, bold new collection – by celebrating prints that put smiles on our faces and by using fabrics which help the planet, too.


Our latest offering is celebration of cheer in its most carefree form. An ode to that relaxed, joyful feeling of weightlessness that comes from being present in a joyous moment. In part, the collection is inspired by our beloved Regent’s Park – spotting giraffes on nervy first date; ferociously licking ice cream as it melts in the sun. 

A conscience led approach:

Like our first recycled collection, drop two is made exclusively from recycled polyester. While polyester is an incredibly  useful fabric – malleable, comfortable, adaptable – it also makes up over half the fibres used across the textile industry. Choosing recycled alternative can help towards reducing our industry’s reliance on fossil fuels.

A small piece in the puzzle:

We are proud to count ourselves as part of a growing collective of fashion brands doing their bit to increase the prevalence of recycled polyester across the textile industry. But for us, sustainability and ethical production cannot simply be buzzwords, or box ticking exercise. We are cautious of greenwashing,’ and we too are on a journey – so we’re not perfect. But like many brands and organisations, we are learning. Now is the time to do better and to be better. And if we can do that with cute animal prints, then why on earth not. 

Read more on our other sustainability initiatives, including our Giving Back recycling scheme, here. 

The Collection


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