Grasse: Our New Inspiration 

The changing of the weather and the transition into official springtime means it’s time for one thing – the launch of our new collection. And since we’re sticklers for spin-offs, we’re keep with the French theme, saying au revoir to Paris (in our very best French accent), and heading south. And there’s only one destination on our mind: the quaint town of Grasse. 

Found in the French Riviera – not too far from Nice or Cannes – this idyllic town is slightly sloped due to its proximity to the Alps and shows off a rustic landscape surrounded by stone houses. But you can forget about its location being the biggest attraction. In fact, its claim to being the perfume Capital of the world is by far Grasse’s most treasured Magnus Opus. All that thrown in with a dash of year-round sunshine and a pinch of artistic heritage, there’s no wonder it’s the origin of our inspiration.  

To help you get better acquainted with this French paradise and our spring collection, we’ve collated a few bits you might need to know: what’s so great about Grasse and more on our signature looks. 

The inspiration: a day in Grasse


Visiting a town famed for its aromas and not visiting a perfumery would be a cardinal sin. Even rifling through the busy streets would be enough to give you a sense – or smell – of hofocal it is to the culture. Locals who work in the perfumeries will gladly tell you about the process and how most of the ingredients are sourced from Grasse itself. You can even spend an afternoon visiting the famous perfume houses: Fradonard, Molinard, and Galimard 

Aside from perfume, there’s plenty more to see in Grasse. Rule number one of discovering a European town is to get lost in it, so start your wander in the old town, near the Rue Jean Ossala and tumble through the tangent of streets that spiral from it. You’ll find yourself surrounded by pretty boutiquesfine wine stores and artisan cafés. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take advantage of these – hint, hint – or save yourself for a pricey dinner at the Michelin-starred La Bastitde St-Antoine.  

If you’re searching for the perfect snap to front your album, take a trip to the Notre Dame De Puy, a cathedral that dates back to the 12th century. Don’t be fooled by its plain exterior; inside it holds famous paintings by the artist, Rubens. And if this doesn’t tickle your fancy, head back to the shops and museums.  

Bringing inspiration to life 

Having explored Grasse in all its glory, our designers decided to create a collection to honour its sophistication and Mediterranean feelSo, they set on designing an occasionwear range that spans from summer soirees to weddings and anniversaries. But above all, they aspired for it to be a timeless collection that can be worn year upon year. 

To make each piece as authentic as possible, they encapsulated Grasse’s perfume heritage with a flower theme. Each floral piece has a unique design to represent the flowers grown around the village that are eventually pressed for their scent. 

Finally, our designers used an assortment of shapes to cater for every body. Some pieces show off flowing cuts that are comfortable in spring, and others nip in at the waist for a flattering silhouetteThe fabrics match the time of year too, with delicate and silky fabrics featuring heavily (or should we say, lightly).  

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