March 2020

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Grasse: Our New Inspiration 

The changing of the weather and the transition into official springtime means it’s time for one thing – the launch of our new collection. And since we’re sticklers for spin-offs, we’re keep with the French theme, saying au revoir to Paris (in our very best French accent), and heading south. And there’s only one destination on our mind: the quaint town of Grasse.  Found in the French Riviera – not too far from Nice or Cannes – this idyllic town is slightly sloped due to its proximity to the Alps and shows off a rustic landscape surrounded by stone houses. But you... Read More

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5 Pieces To Give You A Feel-Good Wardrobe

With a few weeks of uncertainty ahead of us, we’re likely to be feeling weighed down by the doom and gloom of the moment. It’s more important now than ever to keep our spirits, chins and every other ounce of positivity up, even if it may seem difficult. That’s why we’ve taken the time to show you a few of our quirky prints that may inspire you – or hopefully, at least – make you smile. At Yumi, we’re advocates of a glass half-full frame of mind and we want... Read More

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Extra Special Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s just over a week until Mother’s Day. You’ve made sure you’ve found the right card (funny and in no way crude) and have planned the day to a tee, but wait – what do you buy her? While we know that our mums would like anything and everything we buy them – proven by the questionable childhood drawings – we can’t quite face the idea of gifting them something they just don’t like. They deserve better. So, in honour of all our special mothers, we’ve compiled a list of... Read More

spring wardrobe 05/03/2020
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These 9 Outfits Will Help You Wave Goodbye To The Seasonal Blues

Winterphobes, you can unravel from your duvet now – it’s time to defrost for spring. After a long three months of drizzle, March marks a change in our calendars. The weather seems – for the most part – warmer, plus it’s merely weeks until the clocks go back. And although we can’t head out without pulling on a scarf, the promise of spring is far closer than it’s been before. But this doesn’t just mean good things for your health, outlook or heating bill, the glass is also (more than)... Read More