6 Of The Most Stylish Wedding Guest Dresses

It’s February and it’s not long ‘til you’ll be reading those dreaded words: save the date *insert scream of horror*. Yes, wedding season is just beyond the horizon, which means that by our calculations, you should’ve bought your outfit a month ago. No pressure.

But before you start ripping your hair out or considering getting one polaroid pic then making a dash for it, take a deep breath and read what we’ve got to offer. We know – as bridesmaid dress designers – that this can be a (very) stressful process. So, to make the lead up a little calmer, we’ve collated some seriously stylish (and cool) wedding guest dresses that will make you look and feel good. As you’d expect. we’ve ensured they’re comfortable, on-trend and most importantly, timeless – there’s nothing worse than wearing an outfit once and only once.

You don’t need to thank us – you don’t have time! Scroll away.

A Statement Look

wedding guest dress

Mirrored Floral Jersey Dress

There’s nothing worse than suffering the painful search for your wedding look and then no one remembering what you wore. This won’t be the case with this bodycon dress. Its sleek and stretchy fabric moves with your body, so even when you’re the last one on the dance floor, you’ll still be feeling like you just stepped into it. And let’s not forget that florals are great for all times of the year.

Cool and Classic

wedding guest dress

Lace Wedding Guest Dress

It’s fashionable to be frugal when it means you get to wear your favourite piece over again. This party dress has everything you’d need from a timeless dress too. For example, it’s designed with luxurious lace that’ll last a lifetime, and the skater shape is suitable for more than simply nuptials. But we’ve kept in on-trend with a brilliant blue palette. Hello, sustainability.

Spot the Trend

wedding guest dress

Spot Print Dress With Contrast Belt

If retro fashion was brought back for any occasion, it was definitely for weddings. With a sleek waist belt and a contrasting spotted print, there’s plenty of reasons to get excited with this skater dress. And the best part? It goes well with trainers (so it won’t look odd when you slip into a comfier shoe at 9pm).

Elegance is Key

wedding guest dress

Plus Size Butterfly Printed Frill Hem Midi Dress

Midi dresses are this decade’s fairy godmother; they’re not too long or too short, in fact they’re just right. Take this butterfly dress for instance – it comes in a vivid print, a charming peplum hem and flattering ruching on the waistline. Wear it with strappy heels, a beaded clutch and hoop earrings. You shall go to the ball, Cinderella!

New Shapes

wedding guest dress

Ditsy Daisy Ruched Midi Dress

This floral dress laughs in the face of tradition and offers a fresh outlook on occasionwear. In a rich shade of green, it’s contemporary and above all, comfy – check the ruched waist. The sweet sleeve ties make it a cut above all other party dresses, so you won’t feel like an average-Joe if other guests arrive in silk gowns.

Pushing Boundaries

wedding guest dresses

Plus Size Butterfly Lace Party Dress

We know what you’re thinking, can you get away with wearing white to a wedding? Absolutely (only if it’s printed, mind). We’d also recommend that you work in some colour and don’t leave your outfit looking bridal. Enter this lace dress. Decorated with scatterings of greeny-blues and a subtle pattern, this dress proves there are no rules when it comes to weddings.

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