4 Key Trends From Our Paris Collection

It’s been a few weeks since we launched our sort-of-spring collection. And after a long-awaited stretch, we’re ready to share with you the second part of our Parisian adventure…

Taking inspiration from the beloved French capital and its frenetic buzz, our designers fell head-over-heels for the city almost instantly. Combining both its magical ambiance (go us – speaking French) and mid-winter feel, they were able to form an eclectic collection that’s both modern and weather-wise – you know, something that’ll uplift the winter slump. More so, each piece is unique and significant to this French love story. But, for the purpose of conciseness, we’ve narrowed down the four key trends that’ll add a touch of je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe. Want to see them? Carry on scrolling.

Chic as le chien

Grey Intarsia Knit Sausage Dog Jumper

From their famous poodles (with their equally acclaimed hairstyles) to their miniature pups, the French are well-known dog lovers. You name it, they’ve owned it – yet another reason to be inspired.

And it’s for this reason that our designers have developed the dog motif – as shown with our lightweight sausage dog jumper. Hand-drawn and exclusive, it’s a print that’s reliable and trendy. Plus, if you don’t already own one thousand animal print pieces, then firstly, where have you been? And secondly, this is the perfect place to start.

Ditsy florals

Navy Daisy Print Pocket Dress With Tie Back

Sitting in the centre of Paris, Luxembourg Gardens has been a crucial muse (and place of solace) in the creative process. Full of bright flowers and in a calm area of the city, this serene park has inspired the many floral prints you can see in our collection and above. They’re also transferable and transeasonal patterns, so something you’d wear in January can also be worn in July: the beauty of street style, huh?

Comfort first

Multi Knitted Stripe Pocket Detail Tunic

Our designers have thought of every little detail, including the fabric. The entire collection has been crafted using stretchy, soft and durable materials that are perfect for bracing the brisk mid-winter (as if one were in Paris). It’s all about making sure you’re at your warmest and most sophisticated, whilst starting the year in total comfort. Par exemple, this tunic dress.

Fresh spots

Green Spot Print Dress With Contrast Belt

The polka-dot prints were the first part of the finished product. Using different shapes and textures to emulate Paris’ timeless charm, each piece has a different, contemporary feature – perhaps a tortoiseshell button or waist tie (like on this skater dress). These are the unique touches that our designers insisted on.

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