Your Easy Guide To A Stress Free Christmas

It’s the most wonderful busy time of year. And while the first thing on the agenda may be to fill all the stockings, it’s also a time to reflect on the year and take some time for yourself – *cue the harp*. Entertaining family and guzzling roast dinner after roast dinner can take its toll on the body and mind, so we’ve pieced together a step-by-step for the holidays. We asked Yumi HQ how they like to wind down and de-stress and have jotted down a few useful ideas. So, whether you’re hosting, hogging the Christmas pud or hoping for it all to be over, take a look at what we’ve got in store.

  1. Wrap presents and listen to chilled out music simultaneously. It’s cheesy – we know – but nothing beats ticking a chore off your to-do list, whilst listening to your favourite hits. Trust us.
  2. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. December has a habit of being a very boozy month. There’s plenty to celebrate and drink to, which unfortunately means there’s also plenty to regret the next day. Take a couple of days break from the merriment to reset your body and get those all-important eight hours.
  3. Binge on your favourite shows. When else do you get the time to do just this? The winter months are tailor-made for serioholics and TV addicts alike. But, don’t fall into the trap of not seeing daylight. Put Christmas films to the top of your wish list, grab a duvet and put your feet up for an hour or seven.
  4. Sing carols. Another cringeworthy choice, but ‘tis the season after all.
  5. Wear your festive jumper with pride. No matter what style you’ve gone for this year, no one can be stressed in a Christmas jumper: fact.
  6. Giving to charity has to be the best way to change your perspective and appreciate the good things in life. Or, volunteer at local shelters, food banks and care homes. Every little helps after all.
  7. Is your house feeling a little unhomely? Reducing stress has been commonly linked with sweet aromas for centuries. So, choose earthy undertones like cinnamon, pinewood or gingerbread candles to make your house feel like a home.
  8. Spend less money on presents. Us Brits are serial offenders of reckless spending and overbuying – avoid this by arranging a gift-free Christmas with your loved ones. If this is a mean feat, opt for activity-based presents that don’t involve wrapping paper and multiple paper cuts.
  9. Take. A. Break. As the famous proverb goes, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Don’t work into the night or be afraid of disappointing – that’s for Santa’s elves only.
  10. Always find time for you. Take time out from your hectic schedule to do something you love. Whether it’s delving into a book or cooking your favourite dish, make sure it doesn’t escape your thoughts.

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