4 Gifts That Keep On Giving (Honestly, They Do)

On the 25th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…something I won’t ever wear.

It’s officially the season of giving, and whilst we’re trying to trounce our negative habits before the end of the year, we can’t avoid the niggling anxiety of giving (and receiving) a present that’ll never see the light of day. Bah-humbug moment over – to avoid empty stockings and sad faces, the Christmas elves at Yumi have prepared a wish list of reusable gifts that won’t ever go out of style or end up as cupboard dwellers.

Hands On

Navy Pom Pom Enhanced Gloves

Easy to wear and even easier to wrap, these gloves balance sophistication and fun. They feature bright inserts in-between each finger for epic style that’s enhanced by the 3D pom-poms on the wrist. The touchscreen accents are a bonus for all your tech-savvy friends, whilst those who love the more luxurious things in life will enjoy the soft suedette.

Animal Instincts

Leopard Ladies Robe

Is there anything better than wearing pyjamas for the whole of the Christmas period? No! Well, what about if you could give someone that feeling all year round? This leopard print dressing gown is not just versatile – it looks great hung up and wrapped around your body – but it’s beautifully soft to the touch. Pockets sit on the side (so you’re giving the gift of practicality), whilst the playful hood will be something they’ll cherish for years to come.

Christmas Cosiness

Red Pom Pom Scarf and Hat Set

Christmas is all wrapped up with this scarf and hat set. Snug and suitable for all shapes and styles (so you’ll never have to worry about providing a receipt), it’s got a fluffy interior for braving the elements. Plus, it can be used on the big day, too – hello winter walking in winter warmers…

Season of Sparkle

Gold Double Pendant Necklace Set

Into more classic presents? Invest in this pendant necklace. With a simple design, it can be worn by anyone (which is great for when you’ve forgotten to get Aunt Val anything). Throw in a packet of hoop earrings or giftwrap it on its own, just make sure you let people know who it’s from.

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