4 Bags To Make You Want To Go To Work

With the end of the summer holidays insight and September on the doorstep, you’d be forgiven for uttering the three dreaded words – back to work (*shudders*). And while most of us loathe the walk of shame back to the office after a long month of lie-ins, there’s always an upside to the daily grind – a new workwear wardrobe.

And let’s face it, when it comes to maximising your office look, simple switches are often the easiest (and cheapest). That’s why  we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite transitional accessories that’ll be sure to cause a stir in the canteen. Commute-proof, weather-resistant and perfect for all seasons, here’s our must-see line-up.

Brave the Bright

Work bag

Coming soon

A classic-shaped bag will never disappoint, especially when you’re looking to impress. And there’s plenty to get excited about with this handbag. With a spacious interior and a detachable strap, it’s perfect for taking to meetings and holding your all-important notes. Moreover, for those who drew the short straw in bagging a desk next to the window, this bag will be sure to add some sunshine to your day.

Bag of Checks

Check Bag

Check Shoulder With Chain Strap

Last autumn’s trend has been updated in the form of a rustic print, earthy tones and a chain intertwined with bright fabric. But we know this means nothing if it doesn’t have a pocket or two, so we’ve equipped this cross body bag with a nifty zip compartment inside. Wear with anything, even when it clashes!

Boss-like Black

Cross Body Bag

Black Unique Clasp Bag

This clutch bag is ideal for days ending with a ‘y’. Versatile and with a sophisticated gold-tone clasp, there’s room inside for your keys, cash and phone. Plus, if you’re in need of more colour, there’s two others to choose from.

Reality Check

Check Bag

Black Metal Handle Check Bag

Since fashion is constantly changing, make sure your bag can keep up by opting for a timeless print. With a dark checkered panel surrounded by luxe faux-leather, this day bag can adapt to any occasion. Easily dressed up or down, we’re toning down our look with a pair of culottes and a fluted sleeve blouse – jacket optional. Psst, it also comes with a matching cross body bag! Hello, double trouble…

For more accessories to update your work wardrobe, shop here.

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