New Season Inspiration: London

From its famous skyline to its quintessential higgledy-piggledy streets, London has always had a place in our hearts and our design room. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle, scrumptious street food or the multi-cultural buzz that inspires us, we’ve been figuring out a way to pay it back for all the good times it’s provided…

And, since we’re entering the season where London really starts to become its own, what better way to show our appreciation than dedicating part of our collection to it? Despite the rain and frantic commuters that often affect our view of our beloved capital city, we’ve found the best way to show off London’s infectious personality. Here’s your exclusive sneak-peek of one of our designers’ take on the new collection. Meet Sarika:

A note from the designer


Sarika in the very messy (creative) design room.

“I’ve always had a fascination with London, which is why I moved to Clapham from the Midlands eight years ago.  There’s always something to see and to do, which is the best ingredient for creativity. As a designer, I’m always grateful to be only a few Tube stops away from an art gallery – having inspiration at my fingertips is a bonus.

This season, we’ve really got the travel bug; our Concrete Jungle collection is inspired by big cities. However, we’re not getting dazzled by the bright lights and skyscrapers. The range leans towards the quirkier side of city living – hidden gems you can find in and among the commotion. For London, it’s the green spaces, undiscovered coffee shops and fruit markets that add colour to the overcast grey.

As well as the city, the new collection is influenced by the Art Nouveau movement. This has guided many hand-drawn pieces, earthy tones and decorative designs. But, most importantly, the team has aimed to not create looks that are just for the colder months. Above all, this range is for now, this season and forever!”


Why Yumi loves London

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