Which 70s Style Are You?

A decade of casual cuts, bell bottom trousers and heaps of slogan t-shirts, the 70s had some highs and lows in the world of style. But, despite many fashion faux-pars (no, we haven’t forgotten about the knitted ponchos) there’s a piece of the 1970s that will always remain in our hearts and – for some – wardrobes.

And since we’re hitting the rewind button, it’s time find out which styles have stuck. Pick between our favourite looks from our new drop and find out which piece suits your 70s persona. Whether you’re sugary sweet like Olivia Newton-John or channeling your inner diva Barbara Streisand, discover your answer below and check out our re-vamped versions.

Flower Power

Floral Asymmetrical Dress

Black Meadow Print Lurex Asymmetrical Dress

The 70s brought a large invasion of florals into wardrobes across the world. From ditsy prints to oversized remnants from the 60s, so we’ve brought this into the 21st century with a new cut. With an asymmetric hemline that’s also extremely on-topic, our midi dress features dainty sleeve ties, a ruched waist for comfort and a flowy shape. It’s a quintessential dress that’s easy-going and free-moving – much like the 70s.

Flared Out

Animal Print Jumpsuit

Teal Ditsy Animal Print Jumpsuit

Flared trousers and the 70s go hand-in-hand, so much so they’re almost a cliché, but it’s easy to forget that this was the decade of jumpsuits. Combining both of these, our leopard jumpsuit offers a fresh look at things – including leg splits for movement. Wide sleeves pose an update on the classic bell look, while the fierce animal print is just something we loved.

Oh So Boho

70s Midi Dress

Red Indian Boho Midi Dress

Calling all festival fans, meet the new bohemian-inspired dress that’s looking for a statement to make. In a delectable scarf print, this midi dress is alive with vibrant colour and exotic patterns. A slinky tie runs around the waist to pull your shape inwards and we can’t ignore those kimono sleeves…

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  • I was Flared Out in the 70’s