How To Celebrate World Yoga Day

The benefits of yoga have been known for thousands of years – it improves your agility, boosts your healthy mindset and helps you sleep, to mention just a few. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s a day dedicated to practicing it.

And, what better way to celebrate such an important occasion than by joining in? World Yoga Day was created in 2015 in India to spread positivity, so why not step out of your comfort zone, grab your exercise mat and start stretching? No matter whether you’re a first timer or a pro yogi, there’s no limits or age restrictions!

But, we’re not professionals when it comes to the fine art. We’ve handed the instruction over to our #WomenOfYumi and gifted them with relaxed outfits to wear. So, if you live life on the go or have trouble deciding outfits, find solace in our Yumi collection.

To give you an insight into the stretchier side of life, meet our yoga instructors!

Claire, Luna Anderson Yoga in London

Based in London, Claire loves transition positions.

Floral Jumpsuit

Red Blossom Pattern Wide Leg Jumpsuit. Photo taken in Marrakesh

What are the benefits of doing yoga?

I came to yoga very much through the physical side and it quickly opened [up] a whole other world of learning and a different side of the practice for me – beyond just physically moving my body. This is a practice steeped in tradition and I think once someone spends time learning about their mind and body in this manner, yoga begins to show through in other aspects of our lives as it should.

Will you be doing anything special to celebrate?

I’m actually going to be up in Scotland for a family reunion, so I’ll be encompassing yoga in an entirely different sense, being present with my family and close friends, and I’m super grateful for that. I believe International Yoga Day falls on the Friday, so I’ll have the first part of the day to myself. I’m planning to do some mind de-cluttering and get organized for some really exciting events and retreats in the coming months. I’m slowly getting my website updated with them all:

How does the outfit you’ve chosen make you feel?

I love the comfort and ease of this jumpsuit! I wore it the day after my yoga retreat had finished to go exploring around the souks in Marrakesh and the Jardin Majorelle. The fit and flow of the fabric felt great, especially the wide leg style. [There’s] plenty of room to move about in, whether that’s lunging about in warrior one or roaming the Medina streets in the hot African sun!

Fran, Happy Healthy Yoga in Cheriton

Located in Cheriton, Fran loves the sense of calm and peace that yoga can bring.

Tropical Palm Jumpsuit

Navy Tropical Palm Print Tie Knot Jumpsuit. Photo taken in Cheriton

Will you be doing anything special to celebrate?

I’ll be teaching my regular Friday class for free to encourage people, who maybe haven’t tried it before, to give it a go.

What’s your favourite yoga position and why?

I’m really into the mobility stuff that’s out there at the moment. I’m currently doing some extra training, which means that I can bring these concepts into my yoga classes – things like exploring the movements of the joints in a controlled way and building strength for a healthy and sustainable practice.

How does the outfit you’ve chosen make you feel?

The jumpsuit is so comfy and – even though it’s a bit different to my usual leggings and t-shirt combo – I was surprised at how easy it was to move in! [It’s] great for yoga on the beach!

Mathilde, Yoganest Retreats in Portugal

Over in Portugal, Mathilde hosts retreats and engages in group activities.

Zigag Print Jumpsuit

Multi Zigzag Printed Jumpsuit. Photo taken in the Algarve, Portugal

What do you think the benefits are doing yoga?

For me, [it’s] more than a physical activity. Yoga is a way of life where one is connected to his body and mind, aware of the consequences of one’s actions and living a life inspired by caring towards oneself, others and the planet.

What’s your favourite position and why?

I particularly appreciate the postures that allow my intercostal muscles to stretch, such as triangle, peaceful warrior or extended side angle pose. It feels so good to grow this part of my body.

How does the outfit you’ve chosen make you feel?

First, I was worried I might not be able to move comfortably. But, when I tried the jumpsuit on, it perfectly fitted. The loose-fitting and the fluid fabric totally matched my movements.

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