Mum & Me: Grown Up

Here at Yumi, we believe that nothing compares to a mother-daughter relationship. After all, a girl’s first friend is her mum. To celebrate this bond, and with Mother’s Day around the corner (it’s the 31st of March, by the way), we’re making sure you’re both dressed to the nines without looking ‘mumsy’.

As some of you may know, we have our Mum & Me collection for mums and their mini-mes. But, what if your mini-me isn’t so mini? We’re switching things up this year and have created similar looks, if not the same, that both you and your grown-up baby can wear to different occasions. Remember, age is just a number!

And, who better to show off the outfits than our real mother and daughter pairing: Clare and Mala? Clare’s our Co-founder and Head Designer and Mala was born into the Yumi family in 2000. In fact, she was the inspiration for the original children’s range, which proves how far we’ve come.

So, without further ado, pop your feet up and let’s get started!

Sweet Spot

Dotted Playsuit

Polka Dot Playsuit

We’ve come realize that it isn’t uncool to dress like Mum! As you can see from the video, there’s no age limit on style. Perfect for different ages and shapes, Clare and Mala are rocking the same spotted jumpsuit (coming soon) and have finished their looks with red heels to make the colours pop. A look this glam needs to be shown off– we recommend a garden party!

Twinning Tulips

Tulip Print Dress

Tulip Print Outfit

It’s often assumed that patterns have an age restriction – wrong! Our new tulip print is timeless and vibrant. As you can see, Mala’s relaxed tunic dress is a fab choice, while Clare’s gone sophisticated with a frilly frock. Plus, they look just as good the other way around.

Red Sets

Red Dress Jumpsuit

Red Outfits

If you’ve both got an invitation to the same event, but you don’t want to look identical, choose a matching colour. Rumour has it there’s a shade of red for everyone, so find a way to weave it into your look. Clare’s opted for a bright and bold feel in a shirt dress, while Mala’s floral jumpsuit has a radiant racing stripe down the side.

Party Pairs

Party Dress Floral

Party Outfits

It’s party time! While hitting the dancefloor may be in the past for a few of us, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your glad rags on and have a ball. If you’re into sipping champagne not drinking shots, get Clare’s floral dress – the bardot neckline is to die for! Equally, Mala shows that girls just want to have fun in a skater dress.

Make It Match

Tulip Print Dress

Tulip Outfit

Dressing up your everyday look can often be a challenge, no matter your age. We suggest adding a vibrant pattern to easy-to-wear shapes, which is why Clare and Mala are showing off our floral tunic dress and matching jumpsuit. Both adorned with a beautiful flower pattern, don’t forget to add heels and jewellery for evening antics!

Natural For Nuptials

Floral Jumpsuit

Floral Jumpsuit

It’s a universal rule that refreshing florals are always a hit at weddings. With than in mind, Clare and Mala have chosen flower print pieces with a chic twist. While Clare cuts a striking shape with a retro cold shoulder neckline, Mala keeps it contemporary in a skater dress. We promise these styles will be out soon!

If you like what you see, don’t forget to visit our new-in section.

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