Life Hack: How to Clean Your Wardrobe

We know how hard it is to have a clutter free closet while also saving the pieces you love the most. From holding onto that pair of skinny jeans that are a size too small to hoarding the holey t-shirts you promised yourself you would wear, it’s often considered difficult to declutter. To make this process more pleasurable, we’ve designed a simple diagram:

The first step to a cleaner wardrobe is removing everything…and we mean everything. This is an essential in making it easier to organize – you may find hidden clothes you didn’t know you had. Place the contents on your floor or bed and get rid of any additional hangers that have been left. With your wardrobe prepped and empty, you can now install any storage containers you intend to use. (Hint: we find placing boots and larger shoes in space saving boxes at the bottom of your wardrobe very nifty).

Step 2 – Ditch It

It’s decision making and diagram following time. You’ll need be brutal and honest when choosing which items make the cut as you don’t want to be putting the same clothes back in your wardrobe. Commit to the purge and create piles that fall into these categories:

• Keep – It’s often easier to make this pile first. Make sure the item still fits, suits your style and follows the 1-year rule: if you haven’t worn it in a year then it’s time to go. Remember to keep anything sentimental as these are the pieces that can’t be replaced.
• Charity – If it’s no longer in good shape or makes you feel good, then it goes here.
• Bin – This pile is for clothes that have been too loved or over worn. There’s no use hanging onto broken clothes: bin or recycle them.
• The Friend Lend – For pieces that your friends have coveted or borrowed, why not donate them to their wardrobe? Set up a swap, but only accept outfits you want.

Step 3 – Fill It

Make your closet a style haven and place your ‘keep’ clothes back in. Try to organize your clothes into sections, either by style or season. Or, if you’re super neat, colour code your wardrobe. For another space-efficient option, place items of a similar type on the same hanger e.g. fold two skirts together.

Step 4 – Shop It

With a total revamp of your wardrobe, you might find it looking a little sparse. Build up the new season section of your closet (while sticking to your capsule mindset) with these items:

Here at Yumi, we believe that stripes never go out of style. So, when you look forward to the future of fashion and your wardrobe, make sure that stripes are a staple feature. With a transitional print and comfortable fit, these pieces are an adaptable addition to any closet.

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