The Love Story Behind Yumi

Say ‘Yumi’ to anyone and they’ll immediately think of bold colour palettes, quirky patterns and beautiful prints lovingly created by our in-house designers. But for the couple behind the brand, Yumi symbolises how two people worlds apart met and fell in love.

So in honour of Valentine’s Day, here’s the love story behind Yumi.

Now celebrating 22 years of marriage with 3 beautiful daughters, Clare first met Uttam in Camden where he sold unique knitwear on a market stall. Having been working as a chef in Austraila, America and the Caribbean since 17, Clare and Uttam instantly bonded over their love of travel. Just over 3 months later, the pair married in November of that year.

Once married, it was important that they created something they were both truly passionate about. Uttam who is originally from a small village in Nepal and Clare who grew up on her family run farm in Lincolnshire, decided the best way to do this was to start a business of their own. Already making her own clothes and drawn to anything bright, floral and out of the ordinary, Clare began designing unique clothes for the business, which were then sold on Uttam’s stall.

After a visit to Nepal, the couple beginning working with wholesale clients. The success of their unique handloomed knitwear decorated with rainbow stripes and fringing led to more stores in Camden and finally, the international business we know today.

Fast forward to 2018 and the pair continue to create fun and quirky women’s, children’s and plus size apparel, with the growth of a talented design team and an online platform.

Love Yumi as much as they do? Discover the latest from our Spring/Summer collection here.

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