It’s a Funny Story: Date Night Edition

Regardless of age, gender or fashion sense, there’s one thing we can all agree on… dating is hard!

While we all love a romantic date story, there’s nothing better than opening a bottle of wine with friends, and debriefing on a date that hasn’t quite gone according to plan.

So in honour of Valentine’s Day, we asked a group of anonymous daters their funniest and most memorable dating stores.

Get the popcorn at the ready because these anecdotes are too hilarious to miss.

Dating apps, we’ve all done them. Then deleted them… then done them again. So why not bring a friend along to make your first online dating experience slightly less awkward? Well, this first story probably proves why that isn’t a great idea!

“When I first got on Tinder, I was super nervous to go on dates with random people. But I matched with this gorgeous guy, so just had to go on a date with him!
I was so nervous I asked my best friend to come with me. We decided she would hang out in the background of the cafe, just in case the guy was a “wierdo”.
So, my friend and I sat together until it was almost time for my date. She then left and sat at another table further down. When the guy arrived, he was just as gorgeous as on his photos. Perfect!
The date was going well until he said: “There’s a weird girl over there staring at us, I think she tried to take a photo.” I discreetly turned around praying it wasn’t my friend being ridiculous, but it was.
She thought she was being super sleek but obviously not. I looked horrified so he asked if I knew her, I said no but he then said: “Oh, I thought you did because I saw you talking to her as I was coming down the street to the cafe.” I rambled on about sort of knowing her but not really…needless to say he thought it was all quite strange and I could tell he wasn’t comfortable anymore and I was super embarrassed!
The date went downhill from there and we never saw each other again. I was super annoyed at my friend!”

Our next story involves a fancy restaurant, a bottle of bubbles and an unfortunately placed chandelier…  

“A few years ago, my girlfriend and I went out for a meal to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Everything was going really well, the waiter came over and pulled out the champagne from the ice bucket (trying to be flashy) and before I knew it, the cork hit the chandler and glass was smashed all over the table. Needless to say, we aren’t together anymore!”

First love, Valentine’s Day and an anonymous letter… this next story has it all…

“Back when I was at school, I still really fancied my ex-boyfriend. We’d been broken up for a couple of years (primary school sweethearts) but had been back in a lot of the same classes. Fast forward to Valentine’s Day and I find an anonymous card inside my locker. I spent some time analysing the handwriting and came to the most logical conclusion… It’s obviously Jack confessing his undying love for me! I felt terrible. It was so unexpected that I hadn’t even thought to get him one as well. So once the school bell rang, I went to the local supermarket and chose him a card, a teddy bear and some chocolates. Hopped on the bus and knocked on his door. As soon as he opened the door and I saw the look on his face, I knew he hadn’t sent the card. Instead, he sent a card to another girl at school… who was now over for tea! I missed the bus home, so instead had to walk for 40 minutes. Curled up with my mum and had a cry out of sheer embarrassment.  The following year I got another Valentines card in the same writing again, and then the year after that I spotted a red envelope in my mum’s bag addressed to me…I opened it up and it was a valentines card for me signed anonymously in the exact same writing that the last 2 had been in!!!!!!! The lies. The betrayal. This whole time it had been my own mum sending me a card. When I confronted her about it, she said it was because she never wanted me to go without one, which although I was furious is very cute of her!!! Despite now being 27 and engaged, I still always receive an anonymous Valentine’s Day card from my mum.”

Meeting your partners parents is always scary, but when one unfortunate DVD choice leads to a life-long nickname.. the story is guaranteed to be a good one!

“I was visiting my parents abroad with my boyfriend for the first time. My boyfriend and I had just bought the DVD of ‘Death at a Funeral’ at a slightly run down corner shop. We had this huge projector screen in the basement and after everyone had settled on the sofas, my two sisters, my brother, my parents and boyfriend, we put on the DVD. After I pressed play, a big blank blue screen popped up on the screen. My mum started walking down the stairs with a tray of tea, I turn around to go and sit on the sofa and see my boyfriends face in shock horror. He gets up and runs towards me pointing at the screen. I look up and see a VERY naked woman in a VERY compromising position on a huge screen. My mum sees and drops the tray, hot tea spilling everywhere. My dad jumps up to help her now seeing the huge naked lady which now has turned into a full blown blue movie. Everyone else is in hysterics and me and my boyfriend manage to frantically disconnect the projector screen from the DVD player. My dad called him ‘the p**n peddler’ for years.”

Which of these stories made you laugh the most? Leave a comment below and us know 🙂

Love Yumi x

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