Yumi Loves: Clean eating deliveries from Mindful Chef

It’s always a challenge keeping up with new food trends, so at Yumi HQ, we decided to make it that little bit easier for you.

Let us introduce you to Mindful Chef, a delivery box business unlike the rest (and we didn’t even mean for that to rhyme…)

A couple of weeks ago we stumbled upon this new food delivery service, one which guarantees to take the hassle out of clean eating. With 3 freshly prepared Paleo-inspired meals in each weekly box and average prep time of 15-20 minutes, we couldn’t have been more intrigued.

The boys at Mindful Chef let us in on their secret:

“You won’t find any pasta, white/brown rice or white potatoes in any of our recipes.  Instead, our chefs design dishes with nutrient-dense organic British vegetables, grass-fed meat and fish caught by local day boats.  Knowing where your food comes from is a big deal to us.

Well, it’s clear they’ve really raised the bar for healthy and easy meals. So we got the chance to test, tast and review a box ourselves. Here are our findings:

 Meal One – Turkey meatballs with a red pepper, chilli and tomato sauce

And so it begins, the first meal from the Mindful Chef’s box. Now excuse us for already feeling like professional chefs, and wondering where our chef hats are…but this cooking thing is already making us feel like pros.

Cherry tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, garlic Rosemary and fresh chilli makes up the awesome tomato sauce. We then moved on to prepping the fresh turkey mince, creating 10 meatballs and frying until lightly brown before mixing in with the sauce.

Once our green beans are boiled and drained, we added the juice of one lemon, a pinch of salt and pepper – and ta da! An easy fresh healthy meal is prepared and you’ll be pleased to read it tastes good too.

Meal Two – Pork chop with squash, sage, kale and crispy pancetta

It’s Tuesday and like always the weekend feels even further away than it did yesterday, but knowing that pork and pancetta are both on the menu for tonight, it definitely feels a little more special.

We started off by peeling and boiling the squash before adding it to the seasoned kale. We then added the zest of a lemon and fried until  brown. Once cooled, we added the oven cooked pancetta, (yum.)

When the chilli flake seasoned pork finished roasting, we plated up – Michelin star style.

Meal Three – Chicken courgetti con pomodoro e basilico

Today is our third and last meal from Mindful Chefs box. Now, we’re definitely feeling competent enough to apply for a position at a Michelin star restaurant… (Jamie Oliver, move aside.)

Onions, garlic powder and chilli flakes were the special ingredients to make this spicy tomato sauce. Once the fresh chicken pieces and courgette noodle were tossed in, we added a sprinkling of fresh pine nuts. Pretty simple, right?

And the results? The best courgette meal we’ve tasted. And we’ve had a few in our time…

Basically, we can’t get enough of how good these meals are! Here at Yumi HQ, the box has our vote and we’d award it no less then 10 out of 10.

Try one out yourself, and start your healthy hassle free paleo lifestyle now.

For more information about Mindful Chef and the boys behind it, click here.

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