This Weekend’s Adventure Guide

Now we’ve said good-bye to the 2015 eclipse, we can all celebrate that the world is still here and we haven’t all turned into hairy werewolfs, thank god! So let’s celebrate as it’s only the best day of the week… FRI-YAY-DAY! Got Plans this weekend? … No?… Well now you do…

One. ‘Hawker House’.
Set every Friday and Saturday evening for 10 weekends. This three story street feast is something each and every foodie needs to discover. Hawker house hosts some of the most delicious mouth watering food venders we have in and around London. Yum Bun, breddos Tacos, Smokestak, Bobs Lobster, Born & Raised, Bad Brownie and more! Feeling a little blotted from the food options? Not to worry, there’s plenty of bars including ‘Milk & Honey’ to whip up a cocktail or five for you to enjoy. With DJs playing all night long, there’s no other place to be on a Friday evening.
More information: Hawker House.

Two. ‘You’re Cheeky.’
Girls, we all love a good pamper and if we can’t get pampered everyday then we don’t need any excuse to pamper ourselves this weekend. Cheeky Parlour has a wide range of hair, nail and make up services. This amazing new hangout will see you going back for more!
More information: Cheeky.

Three.‘The Paperworks.’
Hidden away within the lanes of Elephant and Castle, Paperworks is new creative space started by Corsica Studios. First started as a pop up bar in the Summer of 2014. This little gem has managed to stick around for the winter chills. Great place for any kind of drink.
More information: The Paperworks.

Four. ‘ Camberwell Free film festival’.
Who doesn’t love a good film? We most definitely do at Yumi HQ! So when we found out about Camberwell’s film festival, there was no if’ing or um’ing about placing this gem on our adventure list. This Sunday see’s Camberwell’s film festival showcase ‘Pretty in Pink’ at the Cool Cats’ Cafe. And what’s better then a good classic movie in a cosey South London cafe?… Well, the fact that its totally free!
More information: Camberwell Free Film Festival 2015.

Five. ‘Cat and Mutton.’
Want to end your weekend on a high? Then, of course, a roast dinner is in order. Where better then the cosy and renowned pub Cat and Mutton. If you’ve never been before, we suggest you order the pork – it’s definitely one of the best around.

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