Tea Break Tuesday: Yumi AW14 Trends

On today’s Tea Break Tuesday, we’re taking a look at what to expect from Yumi this Autumn/Winter.

Art School (as seen above): This is our transitional daywear trend with a quirky preppy feel. The styling is neat but the themes illustrate our signature Yumi with fresh novelty prints. Influenced by the 90’s, we looked at school dramas like ‘Clueless’ and ‘My So Called Life’ for inspiration. The look is clean yet relaxed with a palette of blues, greys and plums.

Girl With The Most Cake: One of our key trends this season with reference to heritage and nostalgia for all things vintage. Re-working classics with quirky British fashion to create something contemporary, we took inspiration from folk, delicate lace and artisan elements. The attention to detail and soft palettes are a key part of this style.

Future Tribes: The perfect day-to-night trend with references to the concept of tribalism in contemporary urban living. With tribal motifs incorporated into modern living, the styling is about mixing opposites such as wild and tame. We’ve used a variety of vibrant colours against black bases, animal and floral prints.

Distant Galaxy:  A fresh and important new trend for Yumi. It’s about all things futuristic with galaxy prints and shimmering fabric. This trend is influenced by the vision of futurism seen in the classic sci-fi movies of the 1950’s and 1970’s. We’ve mixed this trend with our signature Yumi style resulting in metallic, shine, wintery pastels worn with dark colours and moody floral prints.

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