Tea Break Tuesday: TV and Films most Fashionable Friends

On today’s Tea Break Tuesday, we’re taking a look at our favourite fashionable friendships from TV and film. Of course no group can outshine the girls from Sex and the City! Above the girls don their finest attire for New York Fashion Week and below, a shot of the awesome foursome working their individual style as they stroll the streets of NYC.

Next on our favourite fashion friends list, best dressed duo Serena Van Der Woodson and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Whether in a sequin gown for a glamorous event or a day of retail therapy, these two characters always dressed to impress.

We’re taking it old school now and although some might argue Romy and Michele were more foes than friends with the world of fashion, these two knew how to stand out from the crowd and have a lot of fun.

Next up, the stylish sirens from 90210. Sure they had some shoes to fill from the original 90’s show, but these ladies held their own when it came to sexy chic Beverly Hills Fashion.

Last but definitely not least, no best dressed friends list would be complete without a mention of two of the most fashionable teens to ever grace our screens. Yes, you guessed it, Cher and Dione!

This is one friendship that’s made a permanent check printed mark on the world of movie fashion.

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