Tea Break Tuesday: 90’s TV Style Icons

Let’s face it….growing up as a 90’s kid was pretty cool and with shows like ‘Saved by the Bell’ and ‘My So Called Life’ we were bound to end up wanting to dress just like the leading ladies! So with that in mind and the fact that so much of the Yumi SS14 is inspired by the 90’s, we’ve dedicated this week’s Tea Break Tuesday to a few of our favourite style icons from 90’s TV!

Pair our Mexicana Cardigan with our Aztec Print Shirt for the perfect Blossom look!

Our Lavish in Lace Jumper and our Floral Jungle Dress have you covered for the Kelly Kapowski style!

If you were more of a Angela Chase kind of girl (or just a fan of teen heartthrob Jared Leto) then our Meerkat Jumper and Checked Dress are perfect choices!

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