Keira Mademoiselle

Keira Knightley (Pride & Prejudice, Anna Karenina) wears the shoes of Coco Chanel in a Karl Lagerfeld short film called Once Upon a Time.

Knightley has been the face of Coco Mademoiselle since 2006 and she is not the first actress to impersonate one of the most iconic and controversial figures of the 20th century. Known to play incredibly strong characters and for her daring and impeccable sense of fashion, Keira seems to be the best choice for the part.

Out of the many innovations that Coco Chanel had brought to the female fashion world, aside for the famous little black dress, women wearing trousers is perhaps the most memorable and Knightley also seems to know how to wear her’s in the most stylish and strong ways.

The short film is to premiere May 8th on the Chanel website. It appears that Knightley may not have to do too much of acting (giving the strong resemblance in character) will she be able to pull it off  though? And will it also lead to maybe an eventual feature film?

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