Let’s talk about…flowers!

While everyone focuses on black & white and stripes we think we should liven things up a little with flowers.

Even though it’s the middle of March, spring is still sleeping soundly in her bed. Blossoming trees are currently the only ones screaming “Wake up, summer is on its way”

Our wardrobe is full of dresses so let’s combine them with leggings, tights and even jeans.  Lets buck the trend and the bitter snow outside.

So enough with the black and grey – night and day – let’s bring the colors, let’s bring the flowers!

You don’t have any floral prints you say? It’s time to splash some color into your wardrobe with these bold daisy prints.

Let’s not give in to this moody weather.  Remember a positive attitude can make your dreams come true. First step to brighten up your day? Easy. A Yumi flower print dress.

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