Lilly Kitten: The Fashion Blogger Talks Vlogging and Style Inspiration

Fashion blogger Lily Kitten caught our eye when she featured our flying ducks jumper dress as part of her outfit of the day video blog. We loved it and were intrigued by her 1940’s inspired sense of style, so wanted to get to know her a bit better. Only blogging since July 2012,  the meteoric rise of this Manchester girls blog proves that once you set your mind to something, great things can happen!

Hi Lily Kitten, when did you decide fashion blogging was for you?

As a young teenager, I went to a lot of heavy metal gigs and I dabbled in the darker side of fashion for many years. When I was about 15, I discovered vintage fashion and mixed vintage and rock’n’roll together to create my own sense of style. Ever since, I have received compliments on my style, so I thought a blog would be the perfect medium to document my outfits and help others to make similar choices!

You have embraced video on your blog – do you feel this is an important step to develop and stand out as a fashion blogger?

I know video blogging isn’t for everyone but I really do believe it’s helped me stand out from other fashion bloggers. It helps you connect more with an audience and adds so many more possibilities to your blog. I especially find it helpful at showing outfit details that are hard to view in 2D, such as the way a garment fits or the texture of an item. I’ve really developed a love for vlogging!

Why are you so drawn to 1940’s style?

The 1940’s just captures my passion for fashion, coupled with my love of history. I’ve always been a history geek, with a particular passion for World War II, I think it stems from listening to my grandparent’s stories of how the second world war impacted their lives. The way the muted shades and formality of everyday wartime chic contrasted with the glitz and glamour of classic Hollywood at the time is fascinating to me.

Who is your ultimate style icon?

It has to be Marilyn Monroe. She was just such a beautiful, tragic yet clever and intelligent icon who optimised glamour! I feel that every time I wear a red lip I am injecting a little bit of Marilyn’s sass into my day!

If you had an unlimited budget, what fashion investment piece would you buy?

I think every kitten would love a pair of red soles! If I could afford (or justify) spending such an extortionate amount of money on a pair of shoes, I’d definitely buy some simple black Louboutin’s as an investment piece; something to keep forever that would go with any outfit!

What are you most looking forward to about Spring/Summer 2013?

I’m mostly looking forward to this season purely for the fact that I will hopefully be able to wear cute vintage tea dresses again – that is, if Manchester’s weather allows it! Florals are always huge in Spring and I’m excited to see the way the monochrome trend impacts this, as I usually like a bit of colour in my outfits!

Finally, any tips for aspiring fashion bloggers out there?

The biggest tip I can give is to just be yourself – I’ve always stood by that and always will, whether you want to blog or not! In terms of blogging, I think it’s important to have a good writing style that’s easy to read and communicates well to your audience. I feel a lot of people forget this and think taking pictures is the main focus, but I like to have a good old chat with my kittens, whether that be via video or text!

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