Introducing our Guest Blogger….Izzy Stocks

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with guest bloggers, first up, we would like to introduce you to Izzy Stocks of, we thought we would let you know a little about the lovely Izzy, so we had a little chat with her….

Why did you start your blog?

I have always wanted to channel my love of writing and fashion into one and constantly seeing other girl’s blogs featured in magazines inspired me to go for it! It was my week off university at the time and I just wrote and wrote for seven days, from then I knew I’d be hooked on blogging!

Ah born out of passion! So who are your favourite designers?

If I could wear one label everyday for the rest of my life, it would be Isabel Marant, purely because everything she designs is so wearable and I adore the Parisian-chic look; it is timeless and so effortless. Chanel is an obvious classic – I will always look forward to seeing what Karl Lagerfeld creates next and I would easily fit any Chloé piece into my wardrobe. Also, I love the understated down-town aesthetic of New York originated label Rag & Bone.

Whose wardrobe would you happily steal?

Olivia Palermo is my ultimate style icon, as you will be able to tell from my blog, I am constantly lusting over her clothes! I don’t think she has ever worn an outfit that I disliked, and following her personal blog introduced me to some fab labels – Tibi is another favourite! Her style is eternally flawless, elegant and I love the boho edge she incorporates into her outfits. My dream would be to raid her accessory collection too – she is by far the best-accessorised A-lister!

What would your ultimate dream job be?

Working on a high-fashion magazine; to become an editor would be beyond amazing but I would be happy in any position as long as I was writing about my passion and being published! I would love to work in Paris, in my eyes it is the most romantic, well-dressed city in the world and I can think of nothing more inspiring than writing in the midst of it.

Apart from fashion, what do you love?

I have always loved books,  give me a good rom-com and I will have my head stuck in it for hours on end! I am obsessed with cats; I have two at home who I love to just spend time with (sometimes I talk to them- I’m not crazy, I promise!!) I am a real home girl, who is perfectly happy spending time with my family, going for country walks and drinking wine by our living room fire. Heavenly! I also find different cultures really fascinating and have been lucky enough to visit some fantastic countries – Antigua and Sardinia were personal highlights! In the future I would love to travel to more destinations, if I can cure my fear of flying!

Thanks for chatting to us Izzy! Look out for her first post – coming your way very soon!


  • Rea Toomey

    You sound great Izzy; I’m very much looking forward to reading your first post! xx

  • Wil Leggatt

    Wooooo!! Go Iz!!! Well done 😀 xxx