About YNEA Charity

Personally affected by the devastating earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday 25th of April, Yumi founders, Uttam and Clare Nepal, have set up the Yumi Nepal Earthquake Appeal, to provide relief for those who’ve lost their loved ones, homes and belongings.

Uttam was born and grew up in the Dhading region of Nepal, which is very close to the epicentre and his heart. Dhading has been hugely affected by the earthquake leaving houses flattened and lives lost, therefore at Yumi HQ we’ve decided to launch the “Asha” dress. Asha means hope in Nepalese.

In a gesture of goodwill, we are donating 100% of the proceeds (net of VAT) to the Yumi Nepal Earthquake Appeal. The Yumi Nepal Earthquake Appeal aims to provide the relief of financial need and suffering arising from the earthquake in Nepal.

Uttam let us in on why this is so important to him:

“Most of my family are homeless, including my very poorly grandparents, as are many other families, and people in the villages most of whom now have absolutely nothing. Rural and less populated areas don’t always get the attention they so desperately need, as they are the more difficult areas to access, and often the most badly affected. We’re focussing our efforts on providing relief through sales of our “Asha” dress. Asha means hope in Nepalese, and that’s what we’re trying to bring to these remote areas.”

We hope you’ll support us in this relief effort.

Uttam visited Nepal after the Earthquake

Our Objective

The object of the charity is to provide the relief of financial need and suffering arising from the earthquake in Nepal. Funds raised will be used not only to support the immediate requirements of getting food, shelter, medical and other essential supplies to those most affected in remote areas, but also for the longer term rebuilding of the country, which will continue long after the current global media coverage has gone.

By the kindness and generosity of the great British public and the business community, we have already managed to get a shipment of essential supplies air freighted out to Nepal. This has included sleeping bags, tents, blankets, basic medicines, bandages, food and clothing.

We still urgently need your help to provide the life changing support Nepal needs. Over 7,500 people have already known to have died and thousands are injured and still in need of medical support. 3 million people are in need of food, 130,000 households have been destroyed and thousands of people are now living in makeshift camps all over the country.

Please give what you can today, not matter how small or large the donation, and when making a donation, please do not forget to check the Gift Aid box if you are a UK taxpayer. This will ensure the charity can claim an extra 25% from the government!